Everyone Loves Superman in the Supergirl Season 2 Trailer

In what I can only hope is a self-aware move, every character on Supergirl seems starstruck (superstruck?) by Kara Danvers’ cousin—both as Superman at the DEO and as Clark Kent at CatCo. I’m talking, falling over themselves like they’ve been hit with kryptonite. Tyler Hoechlin’s take on the Man of Steel must be just that charming, based on this new trailer tweeted by The CW.

The steely Alex thinks he smells good, Winn is babbling about his close shave, and even Cat Grant is acting like a nervous fangirl… It’s cute, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the fawning over Superman begins to grate on Kara sooner rather than later. We don’t really have much of a sense of what Clark’s actual purpose this season is, aside from giving Kara advice in person instead of over risky IMs; I’m hoping that the season premiere sketches in more of his character. Or, you know, gives him a line aside from “I’m with her.”

And speaking of team-ups, is that Miss Martian, a.k.a. M’gann M’orzz/Megan Morse, staring down J’onn J’onnz in a fiery confrontation?

Supergirl and Superman team up on Monday, October 10, when Supergirl season 2 premieres.


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