I’m Mr. MeeSeeks! 3D Print Me!

Do you need to take a couple swings off your golf game? Or maybe just open a really sticky jar of mayonnaise? Well now you can do both of those things with much less physical effort, because you can 3D print a Mr. Meeseeks to help you! That’s right, 3D Print Guy has embodied the spirit of Mr. Meeseekses everywhere by putting together this helpful guide, as well as all the files you’ll need to make two different versions of the short-lived magical beings.

As we learned from their appearances on Rick & Morty, Mr. Meeseeks isn’t supposed to be with us forever, so understand that by doing this you’re perverting the Laws of Nature.

Keep in mind that bringing a Mr. Meeseeks into existence is a powerful responsibility, especially given that they don’t actually enjoy being alive? So we’d advise you to create both the young, cheerful Meeseeks, and the withered, gun-toting Meeseeks in order to represent the full spectrum of Meeseeksianism.

Or you can just order them from 3D Print Guys shop, and absolve yourself of most of the moral ambiguity. What Would Rick Do?

[via The AV Club!]



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