Where to Start with SFF Podcasts

So, you want to hear a story?

Fiction podcasting has been alive and well for over a decade, with plenty that cater specifically to genre fiction staples—everything from epic fantasy to superheroes to space opera, and back again! But with so many to choose from, it may be difficult to find a good entry point to the world of podcast fiction. Luckily, award-winning authors and long-time podcasters KT Bryski and Tee Morris have put together a handy infographic that collects fifty productions spanning the early years of podcasting, all of them sharing works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Head below for the full (and very large) graphic, plus check out Tee Morris’ more in depth look at select fiction podcasts from Mur Lafferty, Scott Sigler, Phil Rossi, Tracy Hickman, and Mercedes Lackey!

Some of these podcasts have concluded. Some are still ongoing. Many of these titles are waiting for listeners at Podiobooks, a website launched in 2005 that continues to offer free fiction in a serialized format to this day. Whether it is an epic fantasy adventure, an outer-space take on Horatio Hornblower, or short stories of steampunk, fiction podcasting continues to amaze, astound, terrify, and inspire people around the world. Be sure to add your own favorites in the comments!

Click for full infographic (Note: 3MB)

Click for full infographic (Note: 3MB)


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