Beautiful Street Mural Honors SFF’s Heroines, Reminds Us “We Can Be Heroes”

In the words of the (hopefully) immortal David Bowie, “We can be heroes.” Artist/designer VictoryVague (Victoria Haigh) has taken up the cry to remind the women of the world that they have that power, too, with a gorgeous mural found by Twitter user KSully54. You can see the original post on Haigh’s VictoryVague Tumblr and Instagram.

The wall is a beautiful array of misfits, from the current set of Ghostbusters to Jessica Jones to Tank Girl to a mash-up of at least two Clone Club members to a couple of DC’s greatest superheroes.

Now… is it just me, or do Supergirl and Wonder Woman look like Piper and Alex from Orange is the New Black? If that’s the case, I would like to petition for more OITNB characters as current superheroes: Poussey as Captain Marvel? Taystee as Storm? Suzanne as Squirrel Girl? Red as… well, Red is pretty much already a superhero. Or maybe a supervillain.

The emergence of this work could not be more meaningful in light of the recent and ongoing attacks against Leslie Jones, which have increased in intensity since the release of Ghostbusters. We can only hope that gorgeous tributes like this will continue to crop up, helping to counterbalance some of the ugliness. Jones deserves more of this praise, as do all the characters and actors showcased on this wall.


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