Pokémon Goes Medieval

We’ve found the oldest documented game of Pokémon Go! The British Library shared images from an illuminated manuscript that proves beyond all doubt that 2016’s most addictive game is also an ancient tradition as venerable as Bede himself. Here, you’ll not that the…um…we’re guessing monkey? Is about to throw a PokeBall at that… toucan?

Click through for more of ye olde Pokémon Go!

The rules were a bit different – rather than training your Pokémon in battles with other Pokémon, apparently you yourself had to fight them, as demonstrated by this club-wielding knight trying to train a snail.

Medieval Pokemon Snail Battle


It also seems like there was a juggling component?

Medieval Pokemon Juggling


And this is clearly… you know, to be honest? We have no idea what’s going on here. And we don’t want to know.

Medieval Pokemon Unmasked


Has the griffin decapitated a man, much to the horror of his friend the Bipedal Dragon? Was he wearing a mask? Is this actually a gruesome medieval take on Llamas with Hats? We’re going to back away now. Head over to the British Library’s site to see more pictures of this…whatever this is.


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