American Gods Gets the Retro Cover of Neil Gaiman’s Dreams!

We’re getting a new paperback edition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods! Gaiman’s publisher was already planning to put out a new edition of the “Author’s Preferred Text” to coincide with Starz adaptation of the novel, but since excitement for the show has exceeded all expectation, they’ve actually run out of books to sell, which means we’re getting the new edition months sooner than expected.

But that’s not all! About a year ago, Gaiman and his editor had a conversation about the unique beauty of the painted paperback covers of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, particularly those of Robert E. McGinnis, who created iconic covers for Ian Fleming’s James Bond series. A few days later, Gaiman learned that McGinnis was, in fact, still painting, and was, in fact, “intrigued by the commission”, and now we’re getting an entire series of Gaiman reissues with amazing retro covers!

But, wait, it gets even better. First, Gaiman also asked Todd Klein to join the project to create logos and choose fonts, and then the art began arriving:

Each painting from McGinnis was better than the one before. Each Logo and layout from Todd Klein was more assured and more accurate. These things are glorious…. You aren’t going to see the rest of the Robert E McGinnis covers for a little while (and each of them looks like a different kind of book from a different era).

We want to see them all yesterday! But for now, if you’re ready, here’s the new paperback American Gods cover, in all of its 1970s retro glory:

American Gods paperback cover


You can read more about the project over at Neil Gaiman’s Journal! The new paperback edition of American Gods will be available soon (and we’ll update you on the rest of the series as more are released) but in the meantime, you can also check out The Art of Robert E. McGinnis.


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