Check Out the Teaser for The Expanse Season Two, Plus Highlights from their San Diego Comic-Con Panel! |

Check Out the Teaser for The Expanse Season Two!

We have a tense new teaser for season two of The Expanse – check it out below! We’ll also update the post with highlights from The Expanse panel, so check those out below the clip!

The Expanse panel was moderated by Adam Savage (who particularly praised the show’s use of SCIENCE! saying, “The awesome twist is that it’s hard science fiction. The science they’re showing you is correct!”), and featured cast members Thomas Jane (Miller), Steven Strait (Holden), Dominique Tipper (Naomi), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala), Wes Chatham (Amos) Cas Anvar (Alex), and in addition to premiering the Season Two teaser, featured a lively talk about the show’s science and diversity. We’ve rounded up a few highlights below – beware of spoilers for season one!

Thomas Jane loves playing a film-noir type gumshoe with Miller, and Cas Anvar says that his connection to the their ship, the Rocinante, is so strong “because of his lack of human connection.” Wes Chatham says: “Naomi & Holden are Amos’s moral compass b/c he has no real sense of morality on his own.” The Geekiary, who was livetweeting the panel, said that “It seems as though Thomas Jane ships Miller and Holden.” The cast was also pleased that “Space and space flight are actual characters on the show.”

That cast called the writers “amazing” and took a moment to applaud them. When asked, “How do you balance adapting hugely popular books into a series and do justice to both fan bases?” the panel replied that “The books’ authors are in the writer’s room and keep us honest – we adapt timelines etc. while keeping true to story.”

Talking about the diversity of the cast, Cas Anvar said, “Everybody is caramel or latte. There is no racism in The Expanse, there is planetism.”

And Dominique Tipper hinted that in season two, Naomi might change her mind about a guy on the crew, “because he’s so pretty.”

Thomas Jane says that Julie Mao “awakened something in Miller. She sacrificed her life for equality and to be human,” and he also has a theory: “Amos is a robot.”

Unsurprisingly, most of the panelists are rooting for the Belters – the citizens of the Outer Belt, who do most of the difficult mining work that keep the Earth, Moon, and Mars stocked with water. And Steven Strait added, “Holden sees Earth and Mars and the belt as being equally flawed.”

“The show’s about the characters, not the tech. It’s in the wallpaper of the world.” Speaking to that, Shohreh Aghdashloo said of her character, Chrisjen Avasarala: “Right in the beginning she kicks the door down, and you know who she is…”

Season two is going to give us more Martians (including a “badass” named Bobbie) which will bring in the third leg of the conflict between The Belt, Earth, and Mars.

A few last thoughts:

If Holden could give his first season self advice: invest in a great coffee machine, and when asked to sum characters up in one word, Aghdashloo said that Avasarala in one word is “Mother Earth”, while Thomas Jane summed Miller up with “Shit.”

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