California Bones

We’re excited to share California Bones, a special prequel comic based on Greg van Eekhout’s Daniel Blackland trilogy, and illustrated by Ryan Cody. If you’re at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you can snag a physical copy of the comic book, but supplies are limited! Follow Tor Books on Twitter for all the details on this and other great SDCC giveaways!

I always think my novels would make great comics. I also think they’d make great feature films and TV series. Broadway musicals, too. Cirque du Soleil adaptations. Figure skating shows. You can do a lot with wizards who get their powers by eating the bones of extinct magical creatures, as they do in my Daniel Blackland trilogy. They’re versatile.

I find it odd that entertainment moguls haven’t sent me contract offers and cement mixers full of molten gold. It’s possible that entertainment moguls are weird. But instead of moping about it, I decided to take some small action toward converting my intellectual property into the media empire I so richly deserve, and I started with the work posted here, a comic book short story prequel to California Bones (California Bones being the first volume of my novel trilogy, followed by Pacific Fire and Dragon Coast.)

Writing the comic was fun, and the best part was working with artist Ryan Cody, whose work has graced the pages of such comics as Atomic Robo, Phantom, Doc Unknown, and his own web comic, F.O.E. His design sense, angular lines, and moody color palette mesh perfectly with what I think a California Bones comic should look like.

Ryan and I both hope you like our first step into the comics version of the California Bones universe. If you do, please let the folks with money and influence know and we’ll make more.


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Greg Van Eekhout is the author of the Daniel Blackland trilogy, as well as a previous fantasy novel with Bantam Books, Norse Code. He is also the author of two middle-grade SF novels, Kid vs. Squid and The Boy at the End of the World (a finalist for the Andre Norton Award). He lives in San Diego, California.


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