Pokémon Go Player Lets 2-Year-Old Name Pokémon, With Results That Rival Almighty Pikachu Himself for Cuteness

Imgur-er june1920 has thrown down a gauntlet for cuteness on the internet by allowing their two-year-old human child name the Pokémon they’ve caught while playing Pokémon GO. But better than that, jun1920 went ahead and included all the two-year-old’s quirks of speech, hence “Um Potato” up there. But the best part of this is that this kid’s descriptions don’t just fall into cute child territory – they take an abrupt turn into the surreal that makes the weirdness of Pokémon seem tame.

Is Um Um Bunny related to Um Potato?

Um Um Bunny


A Chicken!

A Chicken


And here is A Chicken’s mate (we assume) The Rooster. Unless this kid is an Alice in Chains fan?

The Rooster


Introducing the Greatest Superhero Of All Time:

Spider Bat


Here’s where it starts getting weird. The child has decided that Metapod looks like a moon, which is a nice bit of association.

A Moon


But “Keep Peas”? What the heck? The Oddish has four round seeds on its head, so presumably the child made the jump that they were peas, but who has been feeding this kid brown peas?

Keep Peas


And then we come to Claws Parrot. We’re calling it now: Claws Parrot is the best Pokémon ever. He will never be defeated.

Claws Parrot


And finally, allow us to introduce you to Yeah:



You can see more amazing naming conventions over on imgur! Now someone should hire this kid to design more Pokemon, because we’re dying to see whatever Claws Parrot evolves into.


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