Neil Gaiman Has a New Book of Norse Mythology Hitting Shelves in 2017

Neil Gaiman has just announced his latest project, which should arrive in bookstores on February 7, 2017–a book of rewritten Norse mythology, published by W. W. Norton.

Gaiman was approached for the project by an editor at Norton, and quite pleased to be asked:

“To get the opportunity to retell the myths and poems we have inherited from the Norse was almost too good to be true,” Mr. Gaiman said in a statement released by his publisher. “I hope the scholarship is good, but much more than that, I hope that I have retold stories that read like the real thing: sometimes profound, sometimes funny, sometimes heroic, sometimes dark, and always inevitable.”

Fans of Gaiman’s work know that Norse mythology has always been a heavy influence on his stories, with much of the pantheon making repeated appearances in his work, from Odd and the Frost Giants to American Gods to Sandman.

For those who are keen to know what Gaiman is working on next, he assured readers on Facebook:

Now back to finishing the Good Omens TV series and starting the next actual proper novel. (And yes, many of you have guessed correctly what that is going to be.)

Many fans have assumed that the next box will be the sequel to American Gods, the TV adaptation of which debuts on the Starz network in 2017. The upcoming book of untitled Norse myths, titled simply Norse Mythology, is also available for preorder through your preferred retailer.

via New York Times


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