Other Ghostbusters Songs Just as Weird as the New Ghostbusters Song

Oh hey look the band Fall Out Boy did a cover of the classic Ghostbusters theme song and. nobodylikes. it. And that’s fine! That’s basically the reaction you’re supposed to have when anyone other than Ray Parker, Jr. does that song. Because, listen, that song is WEIRD. It’s a meme come to life. It’s a singularity. It’s a portal to another dimension full of even stranger versions of itself.

Be ready to believe me.

Just look at the dance-art that the original Ghostbusters song brings out of us.

This is what the original Ghostbusters song makes us do. THIS IS ITS BEST SELF AND THIS IS WHAT IT MAKES US DO. (Note: This is literally how I dance at weddings.)


Something about Ray Parker, Jr’s song screams “I must be TOPPED!” Which gives us this week’s attempt from Fall Out Boy:


But also–and shame on us for forgetting–the Bobbi Brown Ghostbusters single “On Our Own” featuring Bobbi Brown haunting…Rick Moranis?

Donald Trump shows up, too. How bad does Fall Out Boy seem now?


Listen, not even Ray Parker, Jr. himself was immune to the reality-warping powers of his own song. Have you ever seen the actual video for his Ghostbusters theme song? It’s all about him stalking a woman through a neon house until Chevy Chase shows up.


Real talk: We were never going to get a new Ghostbusters song that wasn’t confusing, bizarre, or infuriating. Given the circumstances, I think Fall Out Boy did okay.

Although I’d be really interested in seeing what Sia could do with the song…


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