Repeat to Yourself It’s Just Lego!

Sometimes an idea comes along that’s so perfect, one wonders why it hadn’t already been done. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one such idea: who wouldn’t want to watch a show dedicated to making fun of cheesy movies? Now LEGO artist JMaster has given the world another such gift, with his proposal of an MST3K LEGO set! As you can see, the set includes both Joel and Mike, as well as Crow, Tom Servo, Gypsy, and the elusive Cambot. JMaster goes into some truly impressive detail – click through for more images of the project!

The set includes all the Mads! Look at Forrester’s hair! Heck, look at that beautiful head of TV’s Frank hair!

MST3K Mads

But even better – check out the side view of the set! The entire doorway sequence is layered here!


And that finally leads us to the theater, with its iconic silhouette:


There are so many possibilities with this. Dare we dream of The Final Sacrifice expansion pack, complete with LEGO Zap Rowsdower and a tiny 6-pack of Molson Ice? Or what about… Mr. B. Natural?

Unsurprisingly JMaster has already topped 1,000 supporters. (A special bonus “1,000-supporters-reached” LEGO set has been added to the site, so definitely go check that out.) But there’s still a ways to go before the MST3K LEGO set hits the 10,000 supporters it needs to get into our eager hands, so keep circulating the link!

[via io9!]


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