Joe Hill’s The Fireman Burns Up the Bestseller List!

Joe Hill has been giving the world inventive horror stories for twenty years now, but his latest, The Fireman, will be a landmark for the author:

Hill spent the first decade of his career quietly writing superb short fiction, gradually making a name for himself without ever letting on that he was the son of Stephen King. It was only in 2007 that that bit of his biography came to light, startling even longtime friends like Neil Gaiman.

Hill also took a moment to honor his literary agent, Michael “Mickey” Choate, who passed away in 2015:

The Fireman is Hill’s fourth novel, following the Bram Stoker Award-winning collection Twentieth Century Ghosts; Heart-Shaped Box; comic series Locke & Key; Horns, which was adapted into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe; and NOS4A2. You can read Niall Alexander’s review of The Fireman here!

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