Announcing Null States, the Sequel to Malka Older’s Infomocracy

Malka Older’s debut novel Infomocracy is coming out in just a month, and it’s getting rave reviews. Infomocracy has already been awarded a Kirkus Star and rave reviews from Publishers Weekly and RT. But the story won’t end with Infomocracy: If you’re excited for Malka Older’s upcoming novel I’ve got fantastic news for you. has acquired Null States, a sequel to the globe-trotting, post-cyberpunk, political technothriller. Here’s Malka Older on her second novel:

Infomocracy takes place during an election, which is an exciting and informative time to visit a world, but it’s not the whole story. I am so excited to continue to explore the intrepid characters, wide range of governments, and powerful extra-governmental bureaucracies of micro-democracy in the sequel, Null States. After elections is when governing happens; it’s also when the plays for power are variously more subtle and more drastic. There are some election shenanigans in this installment, because that’s what happens when there’s an assassination and no clear order of succession, but at the same time new centenals are struggling with their first experience of Information, the elite Specialized Voter Action Tactics team is trying to prevent conflict from breaking out, and Information spies hunt terrorists among the high ranks of major governments. The greatest threat, however, might come from outside micro-democracies borders. The remaining sovereign nations, shrunken and isolated but still powerful, are threatening military force. Beyond the reach of Information’s surveillance, these antiquated countries are unknown quantities, blank areas on the data map with governments that might or might not be functioning: null states.”

Null States is expected to publish in 2017. You can pre-order Infomocracy now wherever books are sold.


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