Announcing Ian McDonald’s Time There Was

Everyone loves a great love story. And time travel? Time travel doesn’t complicate romance—it makes it more interesting!

We’re delighted to announce Time There Was, a new time travel novella from one of the best science fiction writers on the planet, Ian McDonald!

In Ian’s new book, Ben and Tom are caught up in an accident in 1940 that flings them through time. They occasionally find each other, only to be torn away and thrust through time, again. Meanwhile in modern day London, a bookseller chances upon their secret and becomes obsessed with tracking them down, finding and losing his own love in the meantime.

Ian’s editor for this book is Jonathan Strahan, who had this to say:

“Ian McDonald is one of the most gifted writers of science fiction to come along in decades. From his intense, passionate stories set on Mars to enormous, highly influential novels like River of Gods, Brasyl, and The Dervish House, he’s proven to be one of the most intelligent and engaged writers that we have.

Throughout Ian’s career, he has written extraordinary novellas like Tendeleo’s Story and The Tear. I could not be happier or most excited to be working with Ian on his newest long story, Time There Was, which I think will be the best of them all. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with Ian for a number of years, and this really is the highpoint of our relationship. I think Time There Was is going to come as an enormous and delightful surprise.”

Time There Was will be published in 2017.


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