The New Warcraft Trailer is Chock Full of Magic

The new trailer for Warcraft doesn’t tell us too much new information about Duncan Jones’ action-fantasy movie based on the World of Warcraft franchise: Humans and orcs have always been at war, but perhaps if they team up there will be no war. The first trailer’s footage of orcs punching other orcs resurfaces here, but some more of the world of Azeroth gets filled in, specifically the magic.

There’s a lot of crackly blue lightning illuminating the battlefields, and green magic pulsing from mountaintops. There’s at least one human mage who claims that “saving the world is not a one-man job,” though he’s got plenty of magical protection; plus a nasty-looking orc bearing a staff that will probably do a lot of damage. Check it out for yourself:

If you loved or hated the dubstep in the trailer, good news/bad news—Jones says that’s just for marketing, and that the theatrical version (coming to theaters June 10) will have a Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Pirates of the Caribbean) score.


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