Watch a Deer Disrupt a Fictional Landscape!

One of our favorite thing about sandbox games is the way they can inspire moments of true creative genius. Case in point: Brent Watanabe created the Wandering Deer Cam for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which a beautifully-animated deer, um, wanders through San Andreas. Yes, that’s it. And it’s awesome. The deer is fully autonomous, and interacts with his environment, plowing straight into joggers, occasionally getting stuck in kiosks, and, in the video below, getting in a fistfight with a local tough.

No, seriously, the fight starts at about the 59 minute mark, and it’s hilarious. The deer bumps into a young man, who reacts with the gentility and easy-going nature typical of the characters of Grand Theft Auto. What we’re saying is, he calls the deer an “unenlightened fool”, and then punches it in the face while Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” plays in the background.

This footage is from a few days ago, but the livestream should be back by now! You can also head over to Watanabe’s site for more stills of the mighty deer in action.

[via SanAndreasAnimalsCam!]


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