Independence Day: Resurgence Sequel Trailer Boldly Ushers in the 1990s

Independence Day, the movie that introduced the cinema to world-shattering spectacle, is back! There’s a sequel! It’s sub-titled, um, hold on…Resurgence. And now there’s a trailer for it!

It’s got all the tired tropes you expect from a movie trailer: slow music, the BRAAAAAAM noise, nostalgic voice-over, gorgeous vistas, and lots of fiery explosions. These days, that all adds up to a great big “who cares?” but stop, haters to the left, because everything from the first half of the 1990s is a good idea again and this trailer also features Academy Award-winner Jeff Goldblum*, Academy Award-winner Judd Hirsch*, and Academy Award-winner Bill Pullman’s Beard*.

*Not actual Academy Award winners except in my head.

I am feeling this, you guys. Check out the trailer and realize how much of a chump Will Smith now looks like for not being a part of this.

If you freeze-frame this trailer you’ll notice that they rebuilt Washington D.C. after the first movie but also that there’s another big honkin’ spaceship crashing into it so oh well.

You’ll also notice that the…mothership?…appears to be like a quarter of the size of the Earth so that would cause some serious gravitational problems for everything in Earth’s orbit. Do you think they’ll ignore that or is it a key plot point?

How much you wanna bet Jeff Goldblum gets sent to the alien homeworld at the end of the movie?

I’m going to love this movie.


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