Live Action The Tick Will Return, With Patrick Warburton!

The Wrap is reporting that Amazon has ordered a pilot for a reboot of the live-action Tick TV show, starring Patrick Warburton!

The pilot is a test program for a full series of the revived show, which flared so bright, so briefly for 6 episodes in 2001. (There were actually 9 episodes, but Fox never even bothered to air the last three.) It’s somewhat understandable. We weren’t ready to make fun of superheroes in 2001.

We are the man of La Mancha… our dream is impossible.

Amazon will order a full series dependent on critical reception and online viewership numbers for the reboot pilot. No word yet on whether the rest of the cast will reprise their roles.

Did the show get cancelled before Warburton could utter The Tick’s iconic war cry? I think it did! Reason enough to bring it back.

Here, watch The Tick learn about death.


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