Peter Jackson Announces He’s Directing an Episode of Doctor Who in the Silliest Way

In 2012, when asked if he would ever direct an episode of Doctor WhoLord of the Rings director Peter Jackson said, “I’m a huge Doctor Who fan… Just name a time and place, and I’ll be there!” Looks like that time and place will become clear very soon, as evidenced by this tongue-in-cheek video Jackson posted to his Facebook page over the weekend.

Jackson (with his daughter Katie) pokes fun at himself in a number of ways, from how he hasn’t answered Steven Moffat’s emails (which the Doctor Who showrunner has corroborated) to how he would take six months to shoot an episode in New Zealand, instead of Cardiff in 12 days. Then things get even sillier when the Doctor himself—a.k.a. Peter Capaldi—drops in to get Jackson to sign a contract from the BBC:

And why is there a bookmarked copy of The Silmarillion lying on the table? Hmm…


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