Paul Cornell Reveals Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?

Who has killed the ghost of Sherlock Holmes? That’s the question that haunts the third of Paul Cornell’s dark and dangerous Shadow Police novels. And what a question! A title that striking deserves an equally striking cover–so Tor Books UK has taken the opportunity to redesign the whole series. Get a first look at the sharp new designs here, and find out more about Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? will be out in paperback and ebook in May 2016. If you’re not yet familiar with the Shadow Police series, check out London Falling and The Severed Streets, both of which will soon feature brand new ebook covers.

London Falling Paul Cornell UK cover

Severed Streets Paul Cornell UK cover

For the new covers, our designer Neil Lang has gone for a fresh, clean look that seamlessly combines the past and the present, the real and the supernatural: London’s iconic skyline merges with its ancient, twisting street map. The stark, sans serif font (which you may recognize is reminiscent of a certain hit TV show about the eponymous detective) is juxtaposed with the archaic symbol of the pentagram. In Paul Cornell’s Fallen London, the supernatural is never very far away, but only a few can see it….

Urban-fantasy-meets-crime-thriller, the series follows Detective Inspector James Quill and his squad of crime-fighters gifted with ‘second sight’, as they delve into London’s supernatural underworld. In the third book, Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?:

Someone has murdered the ghost of Sherlock Holmes. As a fictional character remembered by the people of London, Holmes’ ghost walked the city, and now someone has put a ceremonial dagger through his chest.  What could be the motive? The small team of Metropolitan Police detectives who have The Sight find themselves pursuing a criminal genius who soon lures them into a Sherlockian maze of too many clues and too much evidence.  Ross finds herself drawn to an actor who may or may not be a deity, and goes on a quest to win back her happiness. Lofhouse seeks the answers, finally, about why she brought the team together.  Quill battles for his sanity. Costain battles for his soul. And Sefton just wants to bring his team back together, even if that takes him to the edge of death.

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes Paul Cornell UK cover


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