Get Your Luke Skywalker Fix with the Force Awakens Poster That Could Have Been

This gorgeous poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been making the rounds on the Internet since it popped up on Reddit and Imgur last night. Adam Relf’s art evokes Drew Struzan’s signature style, and would look perfectly in place as an official poster—not least of all because there’s Luke Skywalker, front and center!

According to, this poster was pitched at some point but wasn’t officially signed off on. Probably because it had Luke, in all honesty; Lucasfilm seems very interested in keeping him under wraps until the movie’s release. But Relf posted it to his website recently, allowing fans to enjoy it anyway.

The Force Awakens pitch poster Adam Relf

We especially like how this poster tells a story: You’ve got “nobody” Rey as the main focus, with the dark and light Jedi on either side of her. (Much as we love the official poster, the positioning of the lightsabers versus Rey’s staff seems a bit awkward in comparison.) You actually see most of Captain Phasma’s body and how she towers over the First Order. Most of all, this poster is primarily the new generation of characters—aside from Luke, looking over it all—with the Falcon included as a reminder that, yes, Han and Leia are there, too.

The Force Awakens comes to theaters so soon! December 18.


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