Replay Chrono Trigger Along With Us!

Dig out those old SNES cartridges, gamers! (Or Android apps, or Virtual Console files, or emulator ROMs, or bookmarked SNES archive sites, or…) This week on Peter Tieryas is going to be replaying classic time-traveling RPG Chrono Trigger!

The replay begins NOW and starting on Tuesday, September 22nd, Peter will be checking in with recaps of his experience revisiting one of the most fondly-remembered video games of all time. Does it still hold up decades later? Does the story still have an impact even after you’ve grown up and consumed mass quantities of time travel fiction? Is there anything you might have missed playing it as a kid? (Turns out there totally is.)

Let’s play from the beginning to the confrontation with Magus in 600 AD and check back with each other on this thread starting at 10 AM EST on Tuesday the 22nd. (That page won’t be live until 10 AM, FYI.) Peter has discovered some pretty interesting things in the beginning of the game, especially in regards to the various meanings of the titular “trigger.”

Epoch away!


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