Celebrate George R.R. Martin’s Birthday with a Game of Cakes!

George R. R. Martin’s birthday is on Sunday, and Penguin Random House decided to take to Twitter with a new birthday tradition: cake puns based on A Song of Ice and Fire. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite entries, (kicking it off with the gorgeous example above) and while we think this was a fantastic idea, we must warn you not to click through unless you have cake on hand. Seriously, this thread will crush you like a Mountain. A Mountain of Cake. This thread is sweet, and full of carbs. A Lannister always pays his debts, except in this case “a Lannister” is this thread, and “pays his debts” is code for “makes you want cake more than you have ever wanted anything in your life.”

Penguin Random House kicked the game off with their suggestion, “Red (Wedding) Velvet Cake”, then immediately upped their pun game with:

George R.R. Martin Birthday Cake on Twitter

Read it Forward came in with:

Hound Cake

While Beaks and Geeks took a healthier tack with their suggestion:

Bean Muffin

And when the topic turned to doughnuts, Books on Tape came up with a classic…

Dough Thraki

…that could only be topped by Penguin Random House again.

Walder Freyd Dough

When TasteBook suggested “Sansa Stark’s Lemon Cakes”, they made sure to provide us all with a tutorial:

But, while all of these are hilarious, none of them quite, um, took the cake for us. For our heart belongs to:


Thank you, Vintage & Anchor. Now just incase you’re not already hungry enough, we’ll leave you with House Cupcakes.

Game of Thrones Cupcakes

Now head over to Twitter and bring your best cake puns to the battle!




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