Your Kids Can Get to Know Their Universe with Science Comics!


First Second Books is launching a new series of SCIENCE! COMICS! designed to introduce parents, kids, and everyone in between and around to the tremendous discoveries humanity has made in the past few centuries.

The first graphic novel in the series, Science Comics Dinosaurs, debuts next spring and you can get a first look at it right here. Who knew something as boring as digging a canal could unveil an entire lost world?

Science Comics Dinosaurs by M.K. Reed and Joe Flood arrives in spring 2016, to be followed shortly by Coral Reefs and, the most terrifying discovery of all, Volcanoes. (BOOM!)

MK Reed Joe Flood Science Comics Dinosaurs

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Science Comics books will be single-topic 128 page nonfiction graphic novels, and a new volume will be published each season.  The series will be written and drawn by some of the finest graphic novelists in the industry, and feature introductions by leading experts. Each book will cover topics from the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics, subjects that are part of the classroom curriculum and can be easily worked into lesson plans.

For more information on the Science Comics series, check out the detailed announcement on Popular Science!


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