Victor and Igor Toy with Wrathful Forces in the First Victor Frankenstein Trailer

We’ve been excited for Victor Frankenstein ever since we saw the first photo of James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe looking like (to borrow io9’s joke) historical Science Bros who have maybe gotten in over their heads with their experiments. The first trailer meets some of those expectations with its buddy comedy, though the way it straddles genres, it’s unclear if it’ll be more funny or generic horror/action movie.

There look to be some cool elements to this movie: Victor (McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (Radcliffe) are closer to equal than they have been in other famous incarnations of the story; Igor is Victor’s protégé and clearly the saner one of the duo. In fact, McAvoy is playing Dr. Frankenstein not unlike Magneto in the X-Men films—the one more blinded by pride and emotion, even as his more level-headed partner begs him not to go forward with his next gruesome plan. But they must create life—though it attracts Moriarty Andrew Scott as the detective on the duo’s scent after spare body parts go missing. Because you know these two can’t operate in a vacuum, nor would we want them to.

There’s also some weird CGI monsters that may tip the movie into the more ridiculous… Remember when just creating one monster was scary enough? Watch the trailer for yourself:


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