The Wheel of Time Companion

Spin the Wheel and Preview The Wheel of Time Companion: Round 3!

We’ve been previewing portions of The Wheel of Time Companion leading up to its big November 3 release date. But with over a thousand entries, portraits, and miscellany in the Companion, how do we choose which ones to preview?

Well, we don’t. You do!

Every few weeks Wheel of Time fans and readers will get a chance to SPIN THE WHEEL. Here’s how it works: Leave one comment in this “Spin the Wheel” post with the Companion encyclopedia entry that you’d like to see revealed. (Such as “Aginor” or “Eelfinn” or “sniffing.”)

This round we’re changing things up a little. Instead of picking one entry to reveal, we’ll be picking three!

We will close the thread for this post at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, August 14th and randomly select three comments using a random number generator. The entry specified in those comments will be revealed the following week!

Please leave only one comment. Team Jordan also reserves the right to RAFO an entry that has been selected, in which case another comment will be selected.

Check out other previews of The Wheel of Time Companion and Spin the Wheel entries through this tag.

Now let’s spin!

The Wheel of Time Companion


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