(Almost) Everything That Happened at San Diego Comic Con 2015

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the developments that come out of a huge event like San Diego Comic Con, so we’ve bundled everything we could find below! Peruse the lists—sorted alphabetically and sectioned out into Comics, Books, TV, Movies, and more—to see if your favorite so-and-so announced something new!


Red Son Superman

Red Sun Superman via Mordicai Knode



Hodor and Bran




Mordicai Knode also spotted Korrasami!



Betty White Wolverine

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted a new trailer featuring Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and more, and revealed that the Green Lantern movie is officially titled Green Lantern Corps.
  • Con Man, a new doc from Alan Tudyk, features nearly all the cast of Firefly and is almost literally about not being in Firefly.
  • Crimson Peak strut its stuff with Hiddleston on stage.
  • Fantastic Four made an uncomfortably weary appearance during the Fox panel, but offered a new trailer for next month’s film:


Random Stuff:

Jurassic World Cosplayer Saves the Margaritas

Of course, something as large as Comic Con can’t be contained entirely within the above list, and there were a TON of great panels about books, diversity, and more that we couldn’t find write-ups on, so add your favorite news and pics in the comments below!



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