The Wheel of Time Companion

Preview New Art From The Wheel of Time Companion (And Never Sleep Again)

The story of The Wheel of Time spans fifteen books, but the fantasy world which that story resides within is more complex and detailed than even those books could relate. Readers will be privy to those details on November 3, when the The Wheel of Time Companion encyclopedia arrives in stores, but you can get a sneak pe…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT.

Along with new details on characters and lands both central and peripheral, The Wheel of Time Companion will also feature some new pieces of art, further illustrating Robert Jordan’s epic world.

Today we’re (frankly, terrified) to reveal the full spread of artist Paul Bielaczyc’s portrait of Padan Fain! Here’s the full, unblinking, portrait:

Padan Fain Wheel of Time Companion art

Bielaczyc really captures the seething, frothing madness of Fain and Mashadar, doesn’t he? You get the impression that not only is this what Fain makes the world into, but this is how he sees the world, as well.

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