Welcome to the New Tor.com!

Welcome to the new Tor.com! We clean up nice.

We’ve been working on a redesigned Tor.com for a little while now and we’re happy to finally be able to roll it out for you! It’s a lot like the Tor.com you’re accustomed to—just a bit more intuitive to use.

Tor.com now features:

  • Responsive Design: Whether you’re on a mobile device or browsing through the giant screen in your supervillain lair, Tor.com will reshape itself to stay readable without sacrificing any of its features.
  • Favoriting. The comments and articles and authors that bring you joy can now be favorited and saved to your user account!
  • Get Your Favorite Post/Author/Series Automatically: You can now identify post topics through the colorful tags at the top of each post. Want more articles about that topic? Just click the RSS feed icon! You can also keep track of your favorite authors and series that way.
  • Cleaner Layout and Bigger Visuals

Take a look around! Have a question about our new features and design? See if we’ve answered it below.


How to Use the New Tor.com

Where do I log in?

At the top right of the site in the header navigation bar, like usual. All registered users are able to edit their comments, subscribe to conversations, and have the option of sending and exchanging messages with other users. Once you’re logged in, select your username to go into your Tor.com user account.


Where do I log in or find Fiction, Excerpts, and Series if I’m on a mobile device?

Tap the icon with the three horizontal lines (the “hamburger” as we call it) in the top right of your screen.

Tor.com mobile

What can I do with my Tor.com user account?

Your user account page can be your control hub for the entire site, if you want. Add a bio, add a user pic, disable or enable user messaging in “Preferences,” and peruse your collected “Favorites.” You can “favorite” any post, series, or comment on Tor.com and it will collect in your user account page under “Activity.”


I like [Series or Author X] but I don’t want to Favorite every post.

Then just subscribe to the feed for that particular author or series by clicking on “RSS Feed” or the RSS icon. That way your RSS reader will automatically update with each new installment.

You can find a feed for an author by clicking on their byline at the top of one of their articles.


You can find a feed for a series on that series’ index page, located here.


What if I just want posts about a specific topic?

Just click on the tag at the top of the post:


This will bring up all posts that include that tag. If you want to create a feed for that, then just type “feed” after the URL in your browser bar. For example, the feed for “http://www.tor.com/tag/book-reviews/” would be “http://www.tor.com/tag/book-reviews/feed”.


Where did my favorite Series go? I don’t see it in on the right side of the site anymore.

Tor.comIt’s still there. The “New in Series” bar now shows the series that were most recently updated, with the most recent post linked below the series’ banner. If you’ve been away for a few days and missed the latest update for your favorite series, just click “All Series” at the bottom right to go to a full list of recently updated series.


How do I submit articles or fiction/my question isn’t answered here.

Take a look at our FAQ or our Submissions Guidelines or ask your question in the comments below.


One last question: What if my small Midwestern town has made dancing illegal?

Cut footloose.



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