More Dinosaur Lords Art from Richard Anderson

We released the Richard Anderson cover for Victor Milán’s The Dinosaur Lords last year with a bit of fanfare….Mostly of the “Holy Sh*t!” variety. The book roughly mirrors 14th century Europe with its dynastic rivalries, religious wars, and byzantine politics…but the weapons of choice are dinosaurs. As I said then, a painting of knights riding dinosaurs was either going to be a cheesy disaster or pure awesome. Thankfully (if not surprisingly) Richard Anderson delivered the awesome.

The subject matter was just too rich not to indulge a little, so we commissioned Anderson to create a few interior drawings for the chapter heads. While Anderson is busy on the cover art for the sequel, The Dinosaur Knights, I thought I’d show off a couple of these drawings.

If you are wondering what George R. R. Martin has to do with The Dinosaur Lords, you can read Victor Milán’s essay here. Or if you, like me, enjoy looking at a boat-load of dinosaur art, check out our “Picturing Dinosaurs” gallery.

The Dinosaur Lords will be out July 28th.

The Dinosaur Lords Victor Milan


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