Crow T. Robot’s Voice Is Going Back to Space!

We are cautiously optimistic about Other Space! Yahoo’s next step into the universe of comedy is a bit of a jumble—incompetent bickering crew searches for aliens, and inadvertently finds an alternate universe that will probably kill them—but Trace Beaulieu is a sarcastic robot! Joel Hodgson is back in a jumpsuit! Paul Feig is back on TV! Check out the trailer below!

Safety Not Guaranteed’s Karan Soni and Silicon Valley’s Milana Vayntrub are also featured, the ship’s AI seems to be a pretty giant Red Dwarf reference, Paul Feig made the best hour long dramedy in the history of hour long dramedies, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 is humanity’s greatest acheivement, so, as we said, cautiously optimistic.

Other Space premieres on Yahoo on April 14th, and will hopefully become the space-office-alternate-universe comedy we didn’t even realize we needed!


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