The New Mad Max Trailer is the Most Beautifully, Brutally Bonkers One Yet

In spite of the long road to Mad Max: Fury Road finally getting released in theaters, there is little doubt this movie will deliver on its years-long wait. Every trailer is a gorgeous, aggressive, poetic, apocalyptic remix on the visuals and tropes we know from George Miller’s prior Mad Max installments, yet with the hint toward something decidedly new (and utterly insane) in this version.

The latest trailer starts to fill in some of the plot: How Max’s (Tom Hardy) capture and escape fit between the events of Mad Max and The Road Warrior; and especially what badass, baldheaded Charlize Theron means to do with her truck full of abducted girls.

We also get a look at the truly scary villain, Immortan Joe, who wears the creepiest mask of them all and who will stop at nothing to track down his stolen property:

All hell breaks loose on May 15, when Mad Max: Fury Road comes to theaters.


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