Brian Staveley Gives us the Final Riddle in The Last Abbot Scavenger Hunt!

When Brian Staveley started The Last Abbot Scavenger Hunt last summer, he promised the winner a sneak peek at the next novel in the Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne trilogy. He scattered clues in books at stores across the country, and now we’re down to the final book, the final key, and the last section of the story!

Staveley says he’s hidden the last book in a “pretty cool place,” and we’ll give you one clue – it’s not a bookstore! But in order to win the scavenger hunt you’ll also need to perform one last epic task—solve the riddle below! Once you think you’ve got it, contact him through Twitter or email, and you can unlock part of the excerpt from The Last Abbot of Ashk’lan.


A whole world, older than memory, younger than old women, old men,
Vast as the ocean, small enough to hold in a hand,
A gift of the daughter of the watchers of women and men,
A gift of Parnassus, spread in dozens of tongues,
It whispers to us:
Your name is not your name.
You can’t escape.
The shadow is the self.

99 3 6 21 9 10 26 22.

21 10 24 68 4 26 5 18 9 3 1 75 22 63 24 1 1 3 26 23 7 43 6 22 26 18 26 1 3 22 26 43 7 67 3 5 99 26 99 10 37 23 16 9 7 23 3 5 75 22 63 63 4 5 67 7 5 1 21 22.


Check out Brian Staveley’s site for more information, and good luck to all of you riddle solvers!


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