BBC America Shares Orphan Black Season 3 Premiere Date and Teaser: “This Is War”

Orphan Black returns April 18, 2015! BBC America confirmed the premiere date and released a short new teaser to tide us over. Compared to the first two seasons, which has seen the Clone Club in hiding from the various folks who want to kidnap/experiment on/breed them, now they’re taking a stand with the simple statement: “This is war.”

Past Orphan Black promotions have starred only the adult Project Leda clones, but this 30-second teaser includes Charlotte (the youngest and last of the Leda group) plus the various Mark/Project Castor clones! No Tony, though…

Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson couldn’t comment much on whether trans clone Tony will appear next season, but he did discuss how even though the Project Castor boys may appear as allies and antagonists to the Leda girls, the show will still focus on Sarah Manning and her sisters:

We want that audience to be taking that journey with Sarah, throughout the whole series. She’s going to be leading her sisters and protecting her family. And that’s the drive. She’s the one that the audience roots for, so when these guys show up, it’s fantastic that we’ve got this new diverse villain in the form of clones—villains or whatever they may turn out to be. Because now we get to exercise with Ari Millen, who is doing a fantastic job with these guys. But it’s always been important to us and it’s always been [co-creator] John [Fawcett] and my focus that this is a story about Sarah tracking down her own story.

Watch the teaser!


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