New Insurgent Trailer Pits Tris vs. Tris |

New Insurgent Trailer Pits Tris vs. Tris

If you weren’t satisfied by the odd Insurgent teaser trailer that was released about a month ago, you’ll appreciate this more straightforward trailer for the second film based on Veronica Roth’s dystopian YA trilogy.

For the most part, Insurgent looks to be following the plot of the book, picking up where Divergent left off: Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and her fellow Dauntless boyfriend Four (Theo James) are on the run from the Erudite faction, whose leader Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet) is using simulations and other methods to turn the rest of Dauntless into her own personal army. But there are a few plot tweaks to up the stakes in the movie version.

From the trailer, we can tell that Jeanine wants to capture Divergents (those who are unaffected by the simulations, like Tris) for experimentation. But whereas in the book Jeanine seemed focused on delving into what makes someone Divergent, the movie has provided a handy MacGuffin: An ominously glowing box—“the future our people deserve,” Jeanine says—whose secrets apparently only a Divergent can unlock.

Hence turning Divergents into lab rats suspended by creepy wires, with the aim to find the sole person who can open it. And who do you think that is?

Tris! But first she has to fight Tris (we’re assuming a simulation of herself) because it looked cool on Battlestar Galactica when you had doubles going head-to-head. Whereas Insurgent the book was more concerned with the citizens—who grew up under the strictly regimented faction program—contemplating an existence in which they’re factionless through no choice of their own, the movie seems to be all about the big action scenes. (Seriously, did Caleb Prior/Ansel Elgort just play Frogger with an oncoming train for the hell of it?)

It also looks like Tris and Four take their relationship to the next level a book early…

Insurgent comes to theaters March 20, 2015.


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