Lifetime to Air Damien TV Series Starring Merlin‘s Bradley James

In questionable-TV-series-development news, Lifetime is working on a six-episode follow-up to The Omen, called Damien: The College Years. OK, that’s not the real title, but it might as well be: The series follows Damien Thorn (Merlin’s Bradley James) through his adult life—you know, after he basically inspired everyone to murder his parents in the 1976 movie.

Except apparently Damien has grown up with no idea of the satanic forces that have conspired to keep him firmly on track to become the Antichrist. That’s rather surprising, considering that he might have noticed his 666 birthmark by this point, and that everyone around him seems to mysteriously die. At the series’ start, Damien finally gets a clue and starts railing against his destiny.

It’s unclear if the Lifetime (what an odd choice for a network) series will follow through on the original film’s ending, which saw an orphaned Damien in the custody of the President of the United States. (Dun dun DUN!) We just hope that Bradley James makes as many great WTF faces as he made on Merlin.

Damien—written and executive produced by The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara—will premiere sometime in 2015.


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