Peter Pan and Hook Team Up to Save Neverland in the Pan Trailer

While Peter Pan Live! is coming to us next week, it’s not the only Peter Pan adaptation coming up. Warner Bros has just released the trailer for Pan, Joe Wright’s (Atonement) take on the classic tale, which is more origin story than other versions.

We meet The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up when he’s still an Oliver Twist-esque orphan left at an orphanage by his mother. Peter (Levi Miller) doesn’t have to fight scary nuns for long, however, because he’s soon picked up by an airborne pirate ship. Except the ship isn’t run by Captain Hook, as you might assume, but… Blackbeard! Played nice and campy by Hugh Jackman.

Not to worry, because Peter does meet Hook—but here he’s a smart-mouthed miner played by Garrett Hedlund. Sounds like they went the Once Upon a Time route and are making Hook sympathetic. (Entertainment Weekly describes him as a “dashing Indiana Jones-like figure.”) We also see Tiger Lily (the controversially-cast Rooney Mara), who foretells Peter’s future leading the Lost Boys, and how he gets his famous surname. No sign of Tinkerbell, though!

Pan comes to theaters July 17, 2015.



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