New Into the Woods Trailer Features Songs! Singing! Beanstalks!

For those who were concerned that Into the Woods was shucking it’s full-blown musical past—or at least trying to hide it from audiences—fear not! This trailer will put your mind at ease!

Watch it! If only for a glimpse of Chris Pine’s hair!

While Johnny Depp’s costume is still irritating (how can he actually be a wolf if he’s not a wolf at all?), it’s great to finally hear a selection of music from the film. And thankfully, unlike the screen version of Sweeney Todd, Rob Marshall seems to have no intention of doing away with the story-bracketing music that Sondheim does so well. (Those are the “Into the Woods” reprises that you hear in the trailer.)

Will this be the Christmas movie to beat this year? Here’s hoping. With such a shiny, lovely cast, it’s hard not to get your hopes up.


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