Christopher Walken Has Transformed Into Captain Hook, Cheekbones and All

We… are not sure how to feel about this photo of Allison Williams and Christopher Walken as Peter Pan and Captain Hook in NBC’s upcoming TV musical Peter Pan Live! It’s just so awkward, with the weird posing and flinging of arms and hooks. Also, what is up with Walken’s cheekbones? How did they somehow make those bigger through all the pancake make-up?

first look Christopher Walken Captain Hook

While at first glance it may seem as if Walken’s costuming is intended to reflect Disney’s Hook, in fact both Peter Pan Live! and its Hook are based on the 1954 Broadway musical.

But how about that singing? While we don’t for one moment doubt Walken’s ability to cut a rug, there are some who are unsure that he’ll be able to hold a tune for the live musical. Walken reassured those detractors:

I’m not a good singer…. The songs are done almost like patter. Think Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady.

That makes a lot of sense. Or, you know, they could just go with this:

Photo: Nino Munez/NBC


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