Revealing the Cover for Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager

A new Richard Anderson cover is always a pleasure to reveal. This time, especially so, since Wesley Chu, author of Time Salvager, was an Anderson fan to begin with! So when Chu’s editor, Marco Palmieri, said he had a gritty futuristic Chicago to portray and asked if Anderson was free, I couldn’t deny that it was a the perfect match of subject matter and artist.

Wesley Chu, Time Salvager

The result? Well, Wesley Chu seems pleased.

Holy crap, Richard Anderson knocked it out of the park! When my editor asked me what I’d like to see, I had Richard specifically on my wish list and Tor’s Art Director, Irene Gallo, delivered like a boss! She and Richard worked their magic and I couldn’t be more pumped with the results. The cover totally captures the world of Time Salvager. He envisioned this grim and gritty impressionistic scene that’s abstract, yet conveys this frantic and claustrophobic vibe of a suffocated world buckling under its weight. It’s perfect!

Gideon Smith amazon buy linkPalmieri describes Time Salvager as “The tale of a fractured future beyond Earth, in which Time is running out for humanity. The key to saving it lies in the past, but the men and women charged with salvaging what was lost pay a terrible price for their service…until one man breaks the future’s highest law. ”

Time Salvager will be available in July, 2015!

Richard Anderson, Time Salvager


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