Is Matthew McConaughey the Devil? (In Stephen King’s The Stand, That Is.)

According to Deadline, Matthew McConaughey is in talks to become The Darkness That Looks Back At Us in Josh Boone’s remake of The Stand! How perfect is it that the man who willed into life a demonic horde of romcoms in the 90s and 00s may now become our new 21st century Devil? The McConaughsaince is nigh!

Last time Stephen King’s The Stand came to the screen, it was as a television miniseries in 1994, with a genuinely weird cast that included Gary Sinise (right on the cusp of becoming Lieutenant Dan), Molly Ringwald (fresh off the Brat Pack), Rob Lowe (slightly less fresh off the Brat Pack and soon to Sam Seaborn and then Chris Traeger his way into our hearts) and a post-Max Headroom Matt Frewer. Weird, right? Best of all, this guy was Randall Flagg: 

Evil is RAAAAAD.

Evil is RAAAAAD.

That would be Jamey Sheridan, who has since played Oliver Queen’s tortured dad, and he is Stephen King’s perfect Redneck Anti-Christ. But it’s been 20 years, times have changed, and we need a new face of evil. And we truly hope it will be this one:

Matthew McConaughey The Stand

Can’t you just hear him drawling King’s cheesily glorious dialogue? Peppering every literally-god-damned sentence with Rolling Stones’ lyrics? This may be the greatest apocalyptic scenario we’ve heard of yet.


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