The Tick Creator Confirms Live-Action Reboot In the Works!

We are the man of la mancha… our dream is impossible.

Travel back with us to 2001, a year before Firefly fans would even get the chance to bemoan the cancellation of Joss Whedon’s space western, and watch as the Fox network gives the axe to another tragically-misunderstood series: the live-action sitcom The Tick, Ben Edlund’s loopy superhero satire starring Patrick Warburton. Cancelled after only nine episodes, it nonetheless gained a cult following not unlike Firefly’s. Now, in the era of resurrecting nostalgic gems, Amazon is bringing the show back—as a pilot, however, and then the rest is up to the fans.

The initial report came from, strangely enough, People magazine, so fans took it with a grain of salt—until Edlund weighed in over the weekend:

Better yet, Warburton has reportedly struck a deal with Sony Television to put on his baffling plastic mold of justice yet again. The only catch is that this is only a pilot, not a full series order. Amazon streams its pilots free so that viewers can vote on which show should get the pick-up. And yeah, the live-action show was uneven and scrappy, but it was only nine episodes, and it showed a lot of promise once you got past the limpy parts. (The Tick struggling to conceptualize death is a fave for Stubby.) Also if they can get Nestor Carbonell back as Batmanuel, I mean…come on.

Photo: FOX


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