Amy Pond is Dressed as the Pink Ranger and it Gets Even Better From There

The past few weeks have seen countless celebrities dump buckets of frigid water over their heads as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with all of the videos undoubtedly going viral. But as much as we liked seeing Patrick Stewart’s classy take on the challenge, or George R. R. Martin screaming and calling Neil Gaiman a bastard, or Benedict Cumberbatch getting doused five different times, we have a special place in our hearts for Karen Gillan’s video.

Because she’s dressed as the Pink Power Ranger. Yes. Did they have the costumes just lying around on the set of her new sitcom Selfie? (Note that that’s co-star/love interest John Cho cameoing as the Red Ranger.) Is their little dance supposed to be a Power Rangers fight, or just the (totally reasonable) reaction to an abrupt ice bath? No matter the answer, it’s totally freaking adorable.

[via Twitter/@KarenGillan2]


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