Proof That Sherlock and The Princess Bride Share the Same Plot

The adventures of a modern-day sleuth cracking mysteries are the same as a dread pirate avenging his childhood sweetheart? Inconceivable! you might cry. But Tumblr user Jadzia says, Elementary, my dear fan. And she’s got the GIFs to prove it.

No surprise, a lot of the comparisons that Jadzia makes cast Sherlock/John as Westley/Buttercup—faking your death, approaching your beloved under a false identity, outwitting villains to save the one you love. And even saving your sweetheart from a fiery death:

Sherlock The Princess Bride same plot GIFs ROUS rodents of unusual size

But it’s not just Sherlock and Westley who are kindred spirits. Jadzia also pointed out how Buttercup and John grieve fiercely and similarly:

Sherlock The Princess Bride same plot GIFs

The parallels extend to battles of wits revolving around the highest of high stakes—which one is the poison?

Sherlock The Princess Bride same plot GIFs poison

And while pirates play a more significant role in one property than the other, this comparison couldn’t be ignored:

Sherlock The Princess Bride same plot GIFs pirate

Back to the feels: Once Westley and Sherlock both come back from the dead, they’re staying put. They promise.

Sherlock The Princess Bride same plot GIFs always doubt

Check out Jadzia’s full list of parallels (part 1; part 2) for the full GIF effect.

[via The Daily Dot]


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