Maisie Williams Doubts the Verisimilitude of Saved by the Bell

OK, we may have to stage an intervention for Maisie Williams, as she’s clearly been on Game of Thrones too long. She came on as a celebrity guest for the “Teens React” web series, and watched a few clips of the innocuous 90s hit, Saved by the Bell on its 25th anniversary. Her response? “Everyone’s terrible. Kelly would never be voted Homecoming Queen because your dreams are crushed in the real world.” Yikes.

The rest of the show is equally fun! Maisie doubts the show’s staying power, but several of the kids interviewed admit to liking it, and even find kind words for the infamous “caffeine pill OD” episode. They’re also surprisingly empathetic about the 90’s fashions on display, with one young man commenting on his own peacock-patterned shirt: “In ten years everyone’s gonna be like, ‘That fool looks like an idiot!’”

Wise words, young sir.


And because we’re on kind of a Saved By The Bell kick today, here’s the theme song to The College Years (“Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow: Today”) mashed up with, well, you know.


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