Benedict Cumberbatch’s Jar Jar Binks Impression Is Chillingly Good

And by “good” we mean holy God what is wrong with the world. Is this where Jar Jar has been hiding since Episode III? Did he make a deal with a Sith Lord who gave him a more pleasing appearance and cast him on various BBC dramas before hitting it big? Yousa staaar, Jar Jar!

In this video, we learn that Smaug isn’t the only voice Cumberbatch has down, as he and MTV News’ Josh Horowitz conduct an entire conversation in Jar Jar voices.

Seriously, once you hear it you can’t unhear it:

Check out the full video interview for his equally creepy Gollum impression (made even better by his facial expressions!), and his attempt at Vin Diesel.

[via The Mary Sue]


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