True Blood Season 7, Episode 7: “May Be the Last Time”

Be careful what you wish for.

Fans of True Blood—and those watching out of habit—have been wondering who Sookie might end up with by series’ end and we might have gotten an answer last night. But since we’re three episodes from the final episode, is this love meant to last? And, moreover, did it have to be so sad and…veiny? But there were plenty of other fan service nuggets that didn’t satisfy either. So maybe last night’s theme wasn’t nostalgia so much as frustration.

At least Arlene was suffering from the good kind of frustration.

Spoilers and salty language after the cut.

Sookie and Bill

Sookie started the hour firmly in the denial stage of grief over Bill’s impending demise. If we really do think Bill will succumb to Hep V before a cure is found. Watching a main love interest die of a wasting disease isn’t the most satisfying of endings to a once red-hot couple. But if last night’s big reunion scene was any indicator, Bill and Sookie aren’t the same people who once made passionate love in a cemetery. There was definitely a sadness and vulnerability to their sex, but it was also kind of gross and depressing and not the kind of thrills I once looked to True Blood for.

True Blood May Be the Last Time

So instead of heat, we get a few smiles from a majorly overacting Dr. Ludwig. I didn’t miss her character, but it was cute enough to have her reappear. Rutger Hauer reprising his role as Sookie’s great-times-a-thousand grandpa Niall imparted a poignant lesson on the miracles within ordinary life and death. Yet both guest stars seemed to be in this episode more to just preemptively answer some potential plot hole questions than to really propel the story forward. And that was mainly my issue with this episode—I watched tonight’s and last week’s episode back-to-back and felt like the second hour didn’t really move the story forward in any meaningful way. And with only three hours left ever, that’s a big concern.


Speaking of guest stars with nothing much to do, Sam may as well not even be on the show anymore. So, yeah, he should definitely leave Bon Temps to be with Nicole and his damn child. How is this even a question? I know how things ended for Sam in the books, but it’d be insane if Sam sticks around for Sookie. He hasn’t expressed any interest in her like that since the first season and few people in town really appreciate him. So, the question is, will Sam ride off into the sunset next week and not even be in the last episode? Or will he die tragically in some convoluted way because that seems to happen to expectant parents on convoluted dramas. The circle of life n’ all that. I hope not.


I kind of wish we didn’t see Hoyt again. I felt we got just enough closure when Jason called him to inform him of his mama’s death. And for Jason to then leer at Hoyt’s ridiculously long-legged girlfriend? Hasn’t Jason matured since the first season when he was just sleeping around town? It doesn’t feel like Jason’s grown much as a character, unless Jason not once again fucking his best friend’s girlfriend is supposed to be progress.

But I enjoyed his shirtless vacuuming immensely.


Dammit, he was doing so well with his Jason/Jessica love triangle, but now he’s caught up in Lettie Mae’s Tara boringness. Since Tara is officially dead, let her stay dead. We don’t have time for this lame mystery.

True Blood May Be the Last Time

Pam and Eric

Wow, Will Yun Lee’s character is awful. Bad accent, bad tactical assaults, and bad dealings with untrustworthy vampires. I don’t care how appealing Eric is as a spokesmodel for New Blood—or will it be Nü Blood?—a smart businessman would never give Eric and Pam multiple chances to capture a fugitive. Does no one remember how things ended up with Russell Edgington? Sarah’s hallucinations were just kind of silly and definitely a bit more fan service. Remember how great it was when Jason first slept with the dorky reverend’s sexy wife way back when? Yeah, I do. And Sarah’s outstayed her welcome just a smidge. I never would’ve guessed Sarah and the Yakuza were going to be the big final pieces of True Blood. Will Eric get healed and be the last vampire standing? Maybe he’d have a sexier reconciliation with Sookie.


I can’t believe how much I’ve loved Arlene this season. Talk about a turnaround and character growth. Her unexpected attraction to a kindly (and hot) vampire seems natural. And it’s super fun to watch. Team Keith all the way.

But I still maintain that Blue Velvet had the best use of Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams.” Hearing it on True Blood was super distracting. Keith is no Frank Booth, to put it mildly.


First I gave her credit for not immediately breaking down the door when she overheard Jason having sex with Jessica. If anyone seemed like the jealous crime of passion-type person, it would have been her. But she’s so much more devious than that. Hurting Adilyn is the best, most evil way to hurt Jessica. I… kind of admire that level of evil in a villain.

Also, her portrait above the door of her sex dungeon is spectacular.


Next week: Violet stops the foreplay and possibly goes on some sort of rampage.

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9 PM E/PT on HBO.

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