Once Upon a Time‘s SDCC Frozen Clip: Anna and Kristoff Are Getting Married?

Once Upon a Time’s SDCC panel had the actor who plays Henry talk about switching bodies with Peter Pan, and provided hints about Hook’s new costume… but let’s be honest: The real thing that all the Oncers were looking forward to (and those of us tuning in at home) is Frozen. And boy, did OUAT deliver. Spoilers ahead.

Fans were treated to a short clip of Elsa and Anna (Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail, in the screencap above) laying flowers at their parents’ grave, with Elsa saying, “Anna, they would be so proud of you.” It’s unclear if their pride has to do with Anna’s true love sacrifice for Elsa in the movie… or if it’s about her impending wedding to Kristoff!!

Yep, these two are getting hitched after the one kiss we saw at the end of the Disney film… which isn’t much better than getting engaged to someone you just met. Unless their OUAT stint takes place a while after the events of the movie. Elsa also tells Anna that she’s got a “surprise” planned for the wedding, but other people don’t like ice palaces as much as you do, Elsa. We’ve discussed this.

The last bit of news in the Frozen-verse (depending if you subscribe to the fan theories) is that Tangled’s Flynn Rider might join OUAT at some point. Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis seem to really be gunning for it; when they polled the audience, they were met with unanimous cheers. Because of course we want to see that smolder in live-action.

Photo: Boys of Hollywood/Facebook


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