Stop Everything. Nathan Fillion is Dressed Up as Captain Kirk

The Hollywood Reporter got Fillion to don the Enterprise captain’s famous golden tunic for their SDCC preview issue. (As if they had to twist his arm.) And then he said adorable/deep things about William Shatner and we wondered, not for the first time, if Fillion was somehow the time traveling love child of William Shatner and Harrison Ford.

For the past few years, Fillion has proven himself to be one of the best parts of SDCC, whether he’s kissing Zachary Levi or handing out his business card to fans he doesn’t have time to pose with on the floor. And he gets something out of it, too: He told THR that his favorite part of the con is being in a huge group where the fans are high-energy and the adrenaline is flowing—“and then they laugh at my crappiest jokes.”

But we most loved when THR asked Fillion what he still geeked out over:

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met William Shatner. That’s a big deal to me. Hearing his voice—I know the man is a stranger to me, but it triggered something inside of me. A familiarity. I feel comfortable when I hear his voice. It’s such a bizarre experience to be actually in his presence.

If that weren’t enough geek love going around, Shatner gave his blessing over Twitter:

There’s a fun video at the source with Fillion talking about Firefly and other sci-fi icons like Han Solo… who we now want to see him dress up as. Pretty please?

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter


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